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Ebiking not often enough

Well, I finally got back in the saddle for a couple of days: I’m still lacking a functioning ebike in Melbourne, as one was damaged in transit from Perth, and the other I am still waiting for, apparently battery is dead, been waiting a while, but because my partner is not a keen cyclist [quite the opposite, alas] I have not as much motivation to be riding.

But being in Perth alone for a week, I have got my spare bike off my friend who’d been minding it for a few months, charged up the batteries, and … realised they needed to be charged extra after being stored for a while. Let that be a warning to you if you’re getting your bike out of storage!

My next day’s ride was unfortunately marred by a breaking chain – it’s the chain drive bike, and the chain had stretched quite a lot, so I wasn’t surprised at this development, just disappointed, as I have only 2 more days here and don’t really have time to get it fixed before I leave.

I really enjoyed the couple of trips when everything was working well, but it’s been frustrating to have things pretty much constantly be wrong with my bikes. I have three: none of the now currently functional. All I want is to ride my bike. *sigh*

Here’s hoping I can get one bike sorted in Melbourne soon: I want to be able to ride out to Brunswck at the very least, it’s only 5km from where I live, and an ebike is *much* faster than the tram!

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