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Oh and errr…

You’re probably sick to death of hearing about ebikes today, but, qamar just linked from her radio show lj, aclimateaffair about a really exciting awareness-raising ebike ride coming up in April! It’s from Melbourne to Sydney, with about 20 riders riding on ebikes for about 8 days, in their work gear, to prove you can do this without breaking a sweat, and that anyone can do it, not just super-athletes! It’s just everything I’ve just spent hours ranting about, and I’m bouncing around like an excited bunny at the thought of being involved!!

EEP! This would be the most awesome thing to do!!!!!

And one of the coolest things, I’d get to see in person the Schwinn World GSE electric bike pre-release model which Stephen will be riding – one of the 2007 Schwinn ebikes I have been salivating over since I saw them announced a few days ago. They don’t provide those for everybody though, damnit. Still, I was planning on getting another ebike anyways…

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  1. Ragip December 25th, 2015 6:29 am

    I bought a Scott e-sub 20 on the 17 of May 2011, for 3800.— Swiss Francs (around 4500 US dolrals !)The engine broke down two weeks later: bike working well, but engine dead, simply dead. And no, it wasn’t a battery failure, but really the engine itself.The seller was unable to fix it, Bosch wasn’t either: they sent a cable supposed to fix the failure, which wasn’t enough.Engine was sent to Germany, supposed to be repaired and mailed back on the 30 of june (5 weeks later !), which wasn’t the case.a0Today (16th of July), my e-bike is still not repaired, Bosch so-called hotline (in fact Magura) keeps apologizing (but offering a light compensation) Would you buy such a bike ?Sure I would’nt do such a mistake again !


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