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Tap tap tap – time for a change of scene!

Ah, ebikeblog, how I have abandoned you for months! Does anyone even remember this was here? I have not been out riding my eBike for some time – Melbourne, while a lovely city to live in, has inspired a lot of inertia as far as cycling is concerned. I guess living in the CBD has meant walking almost everywhere – why get the bike out if  I will walk there in less than 20 minutes?

But, ah – now times are a’changing, and I’m about to relocate to the most eco-friendly city in the Asia-Pacific region – Wellington.

Not only this – but Wellington is a city of many hills! So of course, a challenge for the old  eZee Torq – with a slightly ailing battery, we’ll see how she goes. Fortunately adding a bike to one’s luggage allowance gives you an extra 10kg – the eZee Torq weighs a hefty 22kg, so I’m going to need that!

Look out for (hopefully) a few more posts soon on how my ride takes the ups and downs of Welly!


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  1. ebike-easy March 9th, 2011 10:45 pm

    hi there, thank you for the link — i will consider this nxt time when I move! 😉

    not any city can be like amsterdam of course concerning cyclist-friendlyness … but i wuold of course appreciate more competition in becoming the wordl’s foremost cycle city! what do you guys think will be the next city to build up cyclist-friendly infrastructure in Europe?


    Cass Reply:

    I’d like to say Budapest actually – it’s definitely a city which could build an incredibly strong cycling infrastructure and is well laid out to be a foremost cycle city in Europe!


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